Tom Woods Liberty Classroom Review

Liberty Classroom Review: Classes provides doctoral-level education in a fraction of the time

As today’s left veers erratically from one crazed mania to the next, rational thought founded in a careful study of American history and a sound theoretical basis in real-world economics has never been more in need. Indeed a review of the Liberty Classroom is in order.

This may seem ironic, given that our leftwardly warped brethren widely subscribe to such insane notions that much of what currently passes for serious discussion on the Marxist end of the political spectrum would have been received with great hilarity as satirical genius just a decade or two ago.

But while it may seem futile to argue with someone who claims that labor unions gave us the weekend or that the New Deal saved us from the Great Depression. The fact is that socialism, neo-Marxism and all their attendant threats to economic and personal liberty are currently ascendant.

Many intelligent people intuitively grasp that socialist thought is mostly empty rhetoric, an opiate used to lull the masses so that cynical despots can seize power to slake their crazed personal ambitions. But few among the innately sensible have the strong theoretical foundation to blow these fallacy-wracked bromides to shards, intellectually cornering adherents and forcing either surrender or total defeat.

Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom brings out the big guns

Famed libertarian thinker Thomas Woods has created a course that puts the biggest intellectual guns from the Austrian school of economics and libertarianism into the hands of concerned Americans.

Woods has had a lifelong passion for free-market and libertarian thought. But he realized that not everyone has the ability to spend decades studying, writing and speaking on libertarian philosophy that formed the crucible in which he was forged into the formidable thinker and debater that he is today.

It was this realization that drove him to create Liberty Classroom, an online educational center that can transmit a virtual doctorate degree worth of libertarian and free-market philosophy in a matter of months. And with its university-level instruction that can easily be consumed in the car, on the treadmill or even just relaxing before bed, Liberty Classroom distills the most powerful arguments from leading figures like Ludwig Von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Friedrich Hayek and many more into digestible courses, with lessons that typically run between 30 minutes and an hour.

Review just a sample of what you will be getting in with Liberty Classroom below. 

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No matter how good the practice, it takes a solid theory to decisively change minds

The Communist Manifesto said that the ultimate aim of all socialism is communism. And while not everyone who espouses socialist beliefs can fairly be described as a radical Marxist, almost all socialist theory is based on fallacies and misreading’s of human nature that are every bit as egregious as anything you might have heard at a Bolshevik revolutionary conference or a Maoist struggle session.

Much of socialism’s appeal lies in the shallow but often-powerful rhetoric of its adherents. It is naturally appealing to believe that the poor occupy their low socioeconomic status due not to their own choices and innate limitations but instead to bourgeoisie oppression.

Envy is one of the most potent emotional reservoirs into which the clever sophist can tap. For a leftist rhetorician of sufficient verbal acuity, it’s easy to convince an audience that their basest jealousies are actually rational deliberations. When many honest and hardworking people struggle to live paycheck to paycheck, doesn’t it make sense that behind every great fortune must lie a great crime? When so many need to put their groceries on the credit card, who could possibly be opposed to the idea of each man according to his abilities giving to each man according to his needs?

Like antifreeze in a dog's bowl, these poisonous tropes lure the unguarded with their sweet appeal to fairness and equality. And if it weren’t for the 20th century’s extended natural experiments in collectivization and mass-murderer-led communist dictatorships, so few may be inoculated against these ideas that another gulag archipelago or Cultural Revolution may have been all but guaranteed.

Still, through a combination of historical ignorance in the mass of Americans and a resurgent antiscientific utopianism, socialism is once again in vogue. The tens of millions of bodies stacked high in socialist-dug mass graves can still act as a moving exhibit in any conversation with today’s left, putting the brakes on at least the worst excesses of actually existing socialism. However, appeals to the empirical record, while they should always garner the highest respect, are always open to the old standby: That wasn’t real socialism.

Ultimately, if these terrible and deadly ideas are to be discredited once and for all, it takes a theory that can explain the empirical record and that can do so in a logically consistent manner. It takes the foundational libertarian courses on government and history offered by Liberty Classroom.

Learn the stuff they didn't teach you in school

Get inoculated against bad ideas below.

Arming and training the next crop of intellectual warriors

In 1920, before the USSR had officially even taken shape, Ludwig Von Mises predicted the eventual complete failure of what would become the Soviet command economy.

In elucidating the economic calculation problem, he identified, with mathematical certainty, the problem that recreating the price-signaling mechanisms that inhere in free markets would require many orders of magnitude more computational resources than were presently available. Even with modern computers, Von Mises’ thesis predicts that a pure socialist economy is still not feasible due to the enormity of replacing natural free-market price signaling.

This purely theoretical insight turned out not only to be right, but it also helped the United States steer away from the ravages of communism by convincing American thought leaders of the impracticability of a socialist command economy. Even though 99 percent of Americans had almost certainly never heard of the economic calculation problem during the height of the Great Depression, Von Mises’ theory almost certainly contributed significantly to avoiding the most excessive impulses of Roosevelt Democrats.

Today, the state of libertarian and free-market thought is far advanced from its place in the 1930s. Libertarian theories are not so powerfully attractive just because they are eloquent and rational, but also because they have a long track record of succeeding in the real world precisely where socialism has utterly failed. These ideas contain within them the sublime beauty of truth.

And these qualities make libertarian philosophy a formidable weapon in the battle for the public mind, enabling students to systematically devastate lazy parrots of the leftist narrative.

Liberty Classroom covers topics in a way that is designed to maximize effectiveness in a debate, allowing students to quickly master entire fields of free-market and libertarian philosophy without getting endlessly bogged down in semi-relevant minutiae.

Entire courses are dedicated to the following critical areas of study:

  • A history of economic thought. This is a two-part, in-depth course that extends from ancient economic thought through David Hume and Adam Smith all the way to Maynard Keynes and Modern Monetary Theory.
  • An introduction to basic logic. This course covers the application of debate-relevant logic, with special attention given to syllogisms and an extensive exploration of logical fallacies.
  • The missteps and philosophical shortcomings of Alexander Hamilton. This course explores where the main author of the Federalist Papers and the leading force behind the adoption of the constitution went far afield of freedom-minded principles.
  • An alternative view of proto-libertarian Thomas Jefferson. The philosophy and life of one of the most erudite statesmen in U.S. history and the leading anti-federalist is thoroughly explored.
  • The life and ideas of John Maynard Keynes. The namesake of Keynesianism and one of the most towering figures in modern economics, Keynes’ ideas are dissected at length, offering insightful libertarian critiques of his theories as well as the observed adverse impacts of those theories where they have been applied. Two entire lessons are devoted to the ill effects that governmental deficit spending has on savings in the context of a fiat-currency-based economy.
Libertarian Courses on Government

This is but a small sampling of the entire list of courses, all of which are broken down into individual lessons of around 30 minutes to an hour in length.

All told, there are 24 courses currently available to users. It is no exaggeration to say that completing all will elevate the user to a conversational fluency on economic, political and historical topics that could easily be mistaken for a doctoral-level education.

For less than $8 per month, Liberty Classroom will help shape you into an implacable adversary who will be capable of trouncing poseur intellectuals like a prize fighter. But more importantly, you’ll be able to change minds. By employing incontrovertible logic, crushing empirical evidence and elegant theories that have stood the test of time, the lies of the fashion-statement socialist wither under the disinfectant light of truth.

After completing this course, you’ll be walking around looking for leftists to intellectually crush. The thrill of vanquishing the unworthy servants of untruth can be addicting. And our country’s future depends on the willingness of the philosophically courageous to stand athwart the torrent of lies that threatens to drown us all.


One year access to Liberty Classroom

  • Audio and Video of every course
  • Access to any new courses created
  • Recommended readings and resources
  • Coupon Code (-$15): MYBASIC 

One year access to Liberty Classroom

  • Audio and Video of every course
  • Access to any new courses created
  • Recommended readings and resources
  • Q&A by the experts
  • Coupon Code (-$25) MYPLUS

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